Before and Afters - Gyprock/infills

"Before" Open archway

'After" gyprock infill of arch, install new frame and double internal doors

'Before" Install gyprock/frame and new door to hallway

"After" Fill in hallway gyprock/frame/door (complete after painting)

"Before" gyprock to ceiling/install new frame and door

"After" gyprock to ceiling, install new frame and door (complete after painting)

Before - Install gyprock wall as partition

After - Install gyprock wall and robe doors

Framing/building gyprock wall

After - Build wall, frame and double sliding doors

BEFORE open plan - no doors

AFTER frame, gyprock, cornice. Door frame and new doors

BEFORE Open lounge/dining room

AFTER Create an "office"

The finished product - new office

Cut out ensuite wall, install cavity slider unit (to house sliding door)

AFTER gyprock/flush wall to house cavity slider unit - concealed sliding door inside wall

BEFORE - to close open ensuite, frame, wall, install cavity slider

AFTER - close in ensuite with new wall and cavity slider unit and door

BEFORE close in doorway, gyprock, frame, doors

AFTER - close in doorway with gyprock,frame and new doors 5 light

BEFORE open plan theatre room

AFTER close off with infill and a pair of Stanford doors


After - infill, new frame and one light door with translucent glass

"Create a room"
Fill in areas/install new frames and doors.
Professional gyprock/flushing is another speciality service we offer...